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Soot, creosote buildup, and the passage of time can all cause significant damage to your chimney. At Chimney Scientists, our CSIA-certified professionals know the hazards cracks and deterioration pose.

Our specialists can promptly diagnose the cause and extent of the damage to your fireplace and will perform the repairs necessary to restore your chimney to excellent condition.

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Common Issues & the Importance of Fireplace Restoration

It’s imperative to repair any damage to your fireplace promptly. Cracks and improper sizing are the two most common issues our specialists remediate.

Cracks allow creosote to build up and potentially re-ignite when sparks rise through the chimney. They also allow moisture to burrow deeper into mortar and bricks, which can hasten the deterioration of your chimney as the water freezes and thaws.

If your fireplace is improperly sized and doesn’t meet building codes, you may notice a problem with down drafts or smoke blowing back into your home.

Generally, these issues and others tend to occur on fireplaces and chimneys that are over 50 years old. However, they can happen in any structure, and all homeowners should be aware of them and regularly inspect their chimneys for signs of damage.

Masonry Fireplace Restorations

Our masonry repair specialists can thoroughly inspect your fireplace and chimney for damage. We look closely for cracked mortar, damaged bricks, lightning damage, water damage, ventilation problems, and other issues.

Once the problems are identified, we can apply a broad range of industry-approved solutions to restore your chimney to operation.

We’re experts at stabilizing your chimney and restoring the appearance and functionality of your fireplace, chimney, firebox, chimney cap, flashing, and other structural elements.

Contact Chimney Scientists at (610) 909-5585 to schedule fireplace restoration in Greater Philadelphia. 

Ceramic Restorations

Ceramic tiles are a frequent inclusion on many fireplaces in the Greater Philadelphia area. While beautiful and durable, they’re not immune from damage.

Over time, mortar can loosen and crumble, tiles can slip away, and other damage can occur. When your ceramic tiles are damaged, we can perform a broad range of repairs, including applying waterproof epoxy resin, sealing, retiling, and more.

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Why Choose Chimney Scientists?

We know the importance of your chimney and fireplace for both your comfort and property value. At Chimney Scientists, our experts apply customized solutions to repair and restore your masonry and other fireplace fittings to operational condition.

We adhere to strict safety standards and will use industry-approved techniques and technologies to complete a comprehensive restoration that enhances the durability and functionality of your fireplace system.

Call Chimney Scientists at (610) 909-5585 to schedule chimney or fireplace restoration in the Greater Philadelphia area today. 

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100% satisfaction guarantee
100% satisfaction guarantee

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Transparent Pricing
Transparent Pricing

We believe in transparency. With Chimney Scientists, you’ll receive upfront, fair pricing for our services with no hidden fees or surprises.

Fully licensed and over-insured
Fully licensed and over-insured

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Specialized Equipment

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Industry Certifications

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Cleanliness & Home Care

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