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Chimney Scientists featured in the New York Weekly

Chimney Scientists featured in the New York Weekly

Earth First: How The Chimney Scientists are Helping Homes Become More Sustainable and Safe

by Jack Teodore

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The Chimney Scientists were founded by Joe Ochal, who has a bachelor’s degree in microbiology from Temple University and a master’s degree from Thomas Jefferson University. The former microbiologist is a blue-collar at heart and in building a company, while surrounding himself with an equally passionate team, he is doing what he loves every day.

Serving most of the greater Philadelphia area, The Chimney Scientists is a full-service and eco-friendly fireplace and chimney company that offers services in cleanings, repairs, inspections and environmentally-friendly enhancements, like wood stoves and gas inserts. Located in Southeastern Philadelphia, the company also installs and provides maintenance services.

Ochal and his team pride themselves on providing superior customer service while incorporating science, chemistry, and microbiology, among other tactics, to clean, maintain and install industry-leading solutions for clients.

From Inception to Realization

Having garnered two degrees in microbiology and working part-time as a chimney cleaner, Ochal, who was always a blue collar at heart, knew he wanted to work with his hands. He opted for a ‘chimney brush to a lab bench,’ and like that, the former microbiologist founded his own company in The Chimney Scientists.

Since its inception, The Chimney Scientists has developed a series of values and morals that culminate with the highest customer satisfaction in the ‘City of Brotherly Love.’ Ochal has surrounded himself with an equally passionate team, one that incorporates the sciences, like chemistry and physics, into cleaning and maintaining fireplaces and chimneys. All the while, the team maintains the highest level of commitment to training and certifications, while also educating customers on the value of their methods so as not to leave any confusion.

Ochal and Co. use science, technology and tools all meant to help them get the job done, but these methods are also environmentally friendly and conscious too. In turn, when the job is complete, customers find that the initiatives from his team are not only good for the planet, but don’t break the bank either, as the process is both efficient and cost-effective.

Such methods include utilizing cameras and equipment to provide a thorough inspection, followed by a comprehensive, evaluative and high-performing consultation, making families feel safe and secure that their loved ones are well kept under their respective roofs.

Although the company lives and serves the state of Pennsylvania, Ochal has aspirations of extending across the country as well.

“We have aspirations of eventually stretching from the East Coast to the West, but Philadelphia is our home and we are proud to be here,” said Ochal. “We will continue to lead in sustainability and environmentally-friendly chimney and fireplace efforts and see where it takes us.”

Where Science and Passion Collide

The team at The Chimney Scientists work closely with leaders across many different industries, but they have essentially taken the reins in taking measures to improve the industry. Such steps include cleaner wood-burning methods and moisture testing.

Additionally, nothing that Ochal and Co. have implemented into their daily operations has steered clear from the top priority, and that is providing superior customer service. In fact, their ways are not only satisfactory to customers but also provide the Earth with a much-needed cushion as well.

“Our company is customer-oriented, and we are also passionate about helping reduce emissions and help clients eventually become more climate-friendly,” stated Ochal.

The company is helping the industry reduce particulate matter, emissions, and unnecessary overuse of materials and products, and that benefits humans, animals and the environment.

“We are ardently working to help reduce emissions and enable our clients to eventually become more climate-friendly,” Ochal said.

About Joe Ochal and The Chimney Scientists

Joe Ochal is the Founder of The Chimney Scientists, serving the Philadelphia area. The Chimney Scientists is a full-service chimney and fireplace company that provides chimney and fireplace repairs, inspections, and cleanings, as well as historical restorations. To find out more about chimney repairs, please visit

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