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What Is a Chimney Chase Cover and Why Do I Need One?

What Is a Chimney Chase Cover and Why Do I Need One?

A chimney chase cover – or “chase pans” – are rectangular metal caps that fit atop the chimney chase. As a distinct feature of factory-built chimneys, chase covers are most commonly found on homes that were built after 1980. They are most commonly made out of galvanized steel. Unfortunately, galvanized steel chase covers don’t last forever. They have a rated life of 25 years. After years of direct exposure to sunlight, wind, rain, and snow the chase cover can wear down from rust and corrosion.

Why You Need a Chase Cover?

The top of a factory-built chimney is a wide opening. The chimney chase cover protects that wide opening from precipitation, animals, leaves, and dirt from entering the chimney. The chase cover protects more than just the flue and fireplace, it protects the structure. Continuous water intrusion can lead to structural damage and mold.

Signs Your Chase Cover Needs to be Replaced

  • Water Intrusion – If you see water leaking in your basement or fire floor this could be a sign that your Chimney Chase Cover is compromised.
  • Dripping Water – Even if you do not see any noticeable signs of leaking, the sound of dripping water could be a sign of water intrusion that you do not see.
  • Rust/Corrosion – If you can see rust or corrosion, the time is coming to replace your chase cover.

Replacing Your Chimney Cover

When the time comes to replace the Chimney Chase cover, we recommend contacting a CSIA-certified chimney professional.

At the Chimney Scientists, we will do a thorough inspection of the Chimney Chase Cover to determine if a replacement is needed. If needed, we will take all the measurements and arrange to have a new chase cover custom manufactured. While traditional chase covers are galvanized steel with a limited lifespan, we offer 316Ti Stainless Steel Alloy. This material is corrosion-resistant and comes with a lifetime warranty.

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