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Gas Fireplace Diagnostic Inspection & Tune-up

Gas Fireplace Diagnostic Inspection & Tune-up

Having your gas fireplace regularly inspected and tuned up ensures safe and efficient operation.

The Chimney Scientists are readily-equipped to inspect and clean your gas fireplace to ensure proper functionality.

Our Gas Diagnostic Inspection and Tune-up Service Includes:

  • inspection and testing of electrical sensors for proper voltage to and from the gas burner
  • cleaning of sensors such as the Thermopile and thermocouple to increase the longevity of the system
  • cleaning and inspection of the gas burner orifices to maintain complete combustion of fuel
  • inspection, testing, and tune-up of remote and receiver battery replacement of worn-out batteries in the remote’s receiver inside the fireplace is applicable
  • cleaning and vacuuming the gas logs and reviewing gas log placement to reduce flame impingement and soot buildup inside the fireplace.
  • camera inspection of masonry chimney if applicable to the appliance (chimney camera inspection for gas logs using a masonry flue, not a gas insert or factory-built gas fireplace that uses a steel flue)
  • cleaning the glass with ammonia-free cleaner on the fireplace doors if applicable
  • replacement or addition of rock wool embers to increase ember glow inside the fireplace and enhance the ambiance if applicable
  • review any additionally needed repairs with the customer if applicable
*A Gas Fireplace Diagnostic And Tune-Up Would Be $299 (no tax).
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